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Is this new scar free weight loss surgery safe?

Is this new scar free weight loss surgery safe?

With over 34% of Americans predicted to be obese in comparison to the 32.7 percent who are overweight, the increasing obesity situation has encouraged many clinical trials into making cosmetic surgery less harmful to your health.

The latest called POSE (Primary Obesity Surgery Endolumenal) is formulated to aid obese patients with a BMI of 28-33 to shift 30lbs-50lbs in excess weight without benefiting from deformity and dangers of traditional cosmetic surgery.

And based on first impressions it looks likely to work…

By threading an endoscope into the stomach of the patient, surgeons are able to suture the top section of the stomach shut and make it smaller by a third of its size.

Does its work?

The aimbehind this cosmetic surgery - which is still currently being trialled - is to limit the stomachs ability to expand.

However, there is already much doubtabout its ability to create safe weight loss. Patients are reputed to only be able to eat 3-4 bites per dish before becoming comfortably full, an intake that isn’t sufficient for a healthy functionality.

Typically the body needs up to 1,200 calories per day to help your body's internal workings. Eat too little and your body won’t work properly.

So whilst this cosmetic surgery being able to trigger quick weight loss, overthe long term it can be damaging to your body weight - especially as practitioners believe these stitches will last for life.

Is it possible to lose weight safely?

The bestway to benefit from risk free, natural weight loss is to eat a balanced diet and regular exercise. Yet, if you require support triggering your weight loss, this can simply be achieved without risking your health.

The aid of a medically backedweight loss pill such as Proactol PLUS can offer you with the help you need to take control of your weight loss management plan; cut up to 28 percentof your dietary fat and benefit from weight loss that lasts.

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