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Quick Historical background of Pokies and Slots

Currently, slots and pokies are one of the most popular kinds of gambling - but that wasn't always the case. Although to the majority people having online slots and online pokies is commonplace, and their physical equivalents have the symptoms of been around for a long time, the first slot machine game was officially invented only in 1899.
Back then it was known as the Liberty Bell which contains 3 reels with 10 symbols on each reel. In order to win as of this type of slots you essentially were required to match 3 symbols uninterruptedly to get the jackpot. Of course, the popularity of pokies skyrocketed there after and pretty soon there were various video poker machines everywhere.

That's - until 1902. When prohibition came into effect in America, gambling was officially banned. However, it didn't stop slots owners from innovating their machines show up more innocent. Up till that period, the symbols on slots had included card suits and also other such icons. However, when prohibition came into affect the video poker machines in existence were redesigned to provide out sweets and candies for wins.

Along with the symbols were altered too - to pictures of sweets, cherries, and the like. If you ever wondered why in the world most pokies have cherry symbols to them, this is the real reason!

Anyway, slot machines continued to achieve popularity and finished up finding their way onto the floors of most casinos and lots of bars. As time passed of course they became a lot more complicated, with additional possible combinations producing a win, and additional symbols being combined with the reel to lower the odds of the player showing up in the jackpot.

Frankly speaking, the next big pokies innovation only arrived the 1980s once the random number generator was invented. This was the big innovation that allowed slot machine manufactures to halt using a mixture of mechanical and electrical parts and move towards a completely electrical slot machine game.

In short - slots machines lost their reels along them replaced by way of a random number generator that randomly selects the results.

Since then, slots have basically operated on that principle. Obviously, with the rise from the internet, people found out that pretty soon they will no longer had to visit casinos or bars to learn pokies - they can do so from the comfort of their very own home while using numerous online slots which had come up.

Nowadays, it's quite common for true pokies enthusiasts to possess a game or a couple of online pokies here and there.

Of course, slot machines have fallen a long way since old days. With online slots now literally everywhere - it's going to be interesting to view how and where they progress next. No matter the reason, pokies has definitely cemented a place for itself ever.

If you've never attemptedto play online slots before - you should. Even if you're not considering gambling, there are numerous websites that will permit you to just test it for free, in order to get an thought of how and why the overall game is so incredibly addictive!

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