7 Temmuz 2011 Perşembe

Citibank completely unique household loan offering

Optimum of a few housing loans, other than mortgage for repairs / renovation / Improvement/ extension, is viewed as matter to borrower's salary/ repayment capacity, satisfactory position of the preceding loans and so on..

All housing mortgage limits availed for acquire of/ construction/ repair/renovation/ extension etc., are clubbed with each other for the purpose of charging Charge of Curiosity..

The Citibank fascination checking account varies based mostly on the quantity that is created as a deposit. For example if the deposit is developed up to $ 24,999 then the pace would be approximately .2% relying on the up-to-date prevailing premiums on June 2010.. my citi bank

For price savings account holders, if the deposit is produced for much less than $10,000, then the fascination is are .4% (as per up-to-date prevailing charges on June 2010). If the deposits are involving $10,000 and $ 24,999 then the rates are .5%..

In a advancement on the most recent scandal to rock Singapore’s company earth, an ex-Citibank employee has been slapped with a hefty $forty,000 great for breaching lender and purchaser confidentiality. Valarie Lim, then a service romantic relationship manager with Citibank, with each other with her superior who have been each intending to ‘jump ship’ to UBS, was uncovered guilty of retrieving confidential specifics from the bank’s personal pc database and then destroying the stolen documents in a desperate attempt to cover her tracks. .

Her lover in crime Minimal Siok Liang had earlier been fined $173,000 on 22 similar fees, when four other staff are still currently being investigated. .

Credit score Cards are attaining grounds in India. There are number of banking institutions in India who are distributing credits cards to persons for no cost*!.

I as well have citibank credit score card, and its nonetheless at its finest. I have applied for an credit card in citi financial institution & they showed me 27 diverse cards, from master card to visa cards, gold, silver & platinum, and many others. such as a lot of affinity cards this kind of as Citibank Indian-Oil card, 1st Citizen card, and Maruti Suzuki Car Card, and Hard cash return card. citi bank contact

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